‘Humans are made up of more than just the physical. At Mandala Nation Inc. we acknowledge and  treat all the aspects of the “Self” and beyond.’

Our Mission:

Our Mission:

Mandala Nation Inc.  Provides alternative wellness solutions through unique therapy sessions and natural healing products.

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In 2015, I earned my RTY500 Instructors Certificate from Sananda Yoga School, exploring the subjects of Jotish, Ayurveda, Asana, Anatomy and Sanskrit. I then attended the Ontario College of Chinese Medicine where I learned how to practice traditional Chinese Medical Massage. I also gained my Reiki Mastery Practitioner/Teacher accreditation and joined the American Board of Hypnotherapy, certifying and registering as a Hypnotherapist. In addition to this, I am trained in other areas based around Energy and Lineage.



Your beliefs systems are first developed during your childhood and are shaped by the experiences and influences you had around you. The attributes of the individuals who groomed you, like their tendencies toward fear and love, their proficiency with problem solving, and their unique habits and discipline were all imparted onto you in some way. These are some of the factors that helped to form and solidify the things you expect from yourself and your experiences – in both a positive and negative way.   As adults we have the choice to mindfully redesign ourselves, regardless of childhood grooming and societal influences.  Mindfulness, hypnotherapy and yogic practices can help you achieve tangible results of increased happiness, spiritual awareness and Earthly  stability.

In most cases manifestations of pain, discomfort or mental unrest can be reflective of your unseen desires - be it of the spiritual, mental or emotional kind, all of which often go ignored.

Do you find yourself often feeling confused in particular situations? Do you have the desire to make changes but feel unsure about how to get there?

Together, we can implement an action plan to overcome obstacles in order for you to "show up" authentically in your life. This enables you to live passionately in the moment with confidence and purpose about consciously creating the life you desire.



Teleka  Turiya Sage Bowden


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