Clients of Mandala Nation Inc. share their experiences.


avatar“Teleka has opened up a portal for my intuition and trust within my own divine self. She worked with me on a very life altering lucid nightmare I had. Allowed me to see the dream as a message to what I'm working to manifest. She told me I'd be in a new place, with a new love, that my intuition is on fleek, and that I'm going to start manifesting my desires. Not a single thing she said was wrong. As I'm now in a new home, new relationship, and the universe is showing me the way. She helped me protect my home with incantations, incense, and advice on cleaning out bad energy. She also blinged me out with some very powerful stones to protect me. Not only did she care for me but she did for my children as well. She is now my guide.

Thank you so much my Sage!”

Nita King
Natural Nutritionist at Panacea Cafe and Curator of The Daily Practice Magazine
avatarI used the Essential Oil Blend since the winter of 2014 till present because it helps me unclog mucus and clear up runny nose in my nostrils during the unforgiving winters in Canada. Runny Nose and cold sores in my breathing system can be very distracting. Therefore I find value in this product. Thanks Teleka for bringing such exotic products to Canada and sharing with me.

Philip Lee
avatar"I had Sage make a custom aromatherapy blend for me to use in my massage treatments at a cottage with family. It is a stunning blend. So comforting and healing. My clients loved the smell and felt very relaxed. I now use the blend in baths and as a pick me up and savour every moment with it."

Melanie McIvor
Islington Wellness
avatarJust wanted to thank you for a very insightful session, especially in my relationship and career matters. It did provide me with answers I was looking for some time now... What is amazing is that I felt these very choices deep inside but needed some sort of conformation from outside and I got it today together with more clarification and insight. All this delivered in pleasant, comfortable yet meaningful and professional package. I think your talent and enthusiasm makes a difference and can help not only me but many people.

M. Wolski
My testimony

I spoke to Teleka in early January/27. In our casual discussion aspect of my personal life was discussed, as to me feeling stagnated.  Teleka shared her thoughts and casual assessment.  I was intrigued and moved to set up a formal consultation with her. Had the consultation January 20/17. It was quite informative and revealing as to her assessment/feedback in our discussion, she was so on point.  I accepted her recommendation as to plan to move forwarded to address and clear my energy and any energies that was presenting as blockage to me.

Day three of following the action plan, the first noticeable impact to be was huge.  We ha d discussed that for most of my adult life, I was a regular nightly dreamer, remembering most of my dreams daily.  For the past two years, I had stopped dreaming or not remembering if I had dream.  After day tree I dreamt three nights in a row, multiple dreams, remembering them when I woke in the morning. Still dreaming.

Various events have happened since then of let’s say, things going favourably for me. This weekend on the same day, one week since the consultation and following the plan of action, I am floored by the happening of this day.  I felt compelled to cancel an ongoing undertaking that I had started, went to an area of town outside of where I live to get gas.  While at gas station, a friend called me and she was in the area.  I suggest we meet at a coffee shot close by, central to both our location.  Met at the coffee shop, we walked in, walked passed various available seats, sat in a section, getting up to order, only to realize that sitting in the seat beside us, is my doctor/friend.  He was my first doctor when I migrated to Canada as a pre-teen and remained for years. About 5 years ago he suddenly retired and I was not aware and I lost contact with him and have always wondered what happened to him.  Of all places, day and time here he was sitting across from me.  I was amazed but did not put too much into it.  Left that location  and on my way home that evening, I stopped into a store across town, got out of my car and was walking to the store when the man coming towards me called out my name, first and last.  We stopped and his face looked familiar but eluded me.  He reminded me that he was someone I worked with as a pre-teen years ago, I remembered that we did worked together and was close coworker/friends, have not seen each other for over 30 years.  This was my first job in Canada, where I lied about my age and the manager knowing so hired me any way.  My confident was high back in those day, I could fly.  That same day other stand out even happened.  I discussed with Teleka and she shared her assessment connecting the dots.  That same night I notice my cousin profile picture on watsapp had change and caught my eye.  I enlarged the picture to realized that it was a picture of my grandmother that raised me before I migrated to Canada.  That picture was the last memory I had of her alive standing oh her veranda in Jamaica.  I had no pictures of her and did not know this one existed.  I was so overcome with joyous emotion, I felt good.  My cousin said she found the picture and made it her profile.

My consult with Teleka was a result of me feeling stagnated, lost, estranged from feeling I had when I was young and I couldn’t get it back.  On this day, aspect of my past, stood before me in my present to tell me that I was back on track.

Thank you Teleka

I took my son who had been having very bad migraines.She immediately made us feel relaxed;even though we had never had Reiki before. After the session we were both clearer , more mindful and able to speak in a more considerate way by really listening...thanks so much sage. I would highly recommend her

Janet H
This Reiki apt was very relaxing; removing stresses embedded for years. Teleka is gifted, thorough and cares about her patients. Fell asleep reading, the night following my session: something I never do. And it was such a sound sleep. I would highly recommend Sage (also known as Teleka).

Christine K

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