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Hypno Reiki

Hypno-Reiki is the perfect thing for both mind and body healing. During your Hypno-Reiki session, wellness is channeled into your body as healing suggestions are anchored into your subconscious mind for a deeper more lasting result. We use healing tones and DNA repairing frequencies in addition to the sounds of nature to stimulate harmony in the chakras. Pleasant and Powerful visualizations are incorporated as pineal gland activators, with attention to the glands and organs. Additionally, at Mandala Nation, the Hypno-Reiki treatment is customized to the individual, meaning that your treatment is focused on healing your body with focus to areas of your concern.  This is a truly transformative experience, focusing on Cellular Healing, relaxation and cleansing the chakras of emotions and various energies that no longer serve you. Each chakra is then energized and harmonized for optimal physical and mental wellness. As a result of this treatment, you will experience more clarity, focus and wisdom, igniting your self-discipline, helping you with stress management and recharging your overall outlook on life!

Hypno-Reiki cost  $120 per 90-minute session

Preferred Date and Time

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Have you ever wished that you could quit smoking, lose weight or face another troubling obstacle? Did you ever think that if you could only do that, you would be a happier person? Medical research has shown that the Subconscious Mind is largely responsible for our habits, triggers and responses. These actions shape how we see ourselves, the choices that we make and ultimately what we expect and receive from life. Some of the obstacles we face were developed in childhood while some are genetic. In our Hypnotherapy session we will thoroughly assess your situation and make a plan to suite you. During your visit we will do a few short exercises prior to your hypnotic induction. While you can expect to be relaxed, you will be in total control of your mind during the entire session. It is important to understand, however, that while some people see changes after just one session, in some cases a second or third treatment may be needed. These additional sessions can be conducted through skype or over the phone. Remember, once the changes are felt, they generally last a lifetime! Just think about how wonderful it will be to get rid of destructive cycles and start living life more blissfully! Let’s work with your subconscious and build the new you!

This treatment is absolutely priceless!

Hypnotherapy $190 per 90-minute session

Preferred Date and Time

Soul Cleanse with Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing calls your higher self to merge and anchor with your consciousness. Some of you may have heard of the term “Ascension”. Make no mistake about the realness of this phenomena. There is a layer of existence above the average vibration that is sweet, free of karmic debt and open to higher frequency experiences. Our Soul Cleanse with Magnified Healing treatment opens you up to this cosmic bliss. While this level of cosmic bliss looks slightly different to everyone, as it integrates with the individuals current state, you will  most assuredly experience greater intuition, a sense of calm, inner peace and divine self-love. This healing is brought to us through the Goddess Energy of Quan Yin, but, depending on your tradition, it can also be called Auset, Oshun or Mother Mary.  Your eyes will be sharpened to perceive more wellness, thus anchoring more of the same.

This liberation comes from a series of steps including a type of forgiveness exercise.

Magnified Healing Cost:  $65 per 60-minute session

Preferred Date and Time

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Reiki accesses source energy and directs it to the body to stimulate self-healing and relaxation.  In doing so Reiki  cleanses and energizes the chakras. This energy can be used to assist you in gaining a sense of peacefulness as it can be used to sooth and dissolve emotional and physical disturbances.

This treatment can assist you through difficult times, or even if you’re just feeling overwhelmed or confused or perhaps need to ground and re-balance your energy. This treatment is also effective for those that have a difficult time falling asleep and those that experience nervous tension and many other health conditions. Many people who have a mind that races also find this treatment beneficial for restoring calm and clear thoughts.

Reiki  $65 per 60-minute session

Preferred Date and Time

Ayurvedic based Yoga

These sessions incorporate all 8 “Limbs of Yoga”, from personal observances and body postures to controlling the senses and breath work. I offer vinyasa, ashtanga, and hatha type flows.

My individual style is rich and soulful. I use specific tones in my voice to stimulate the release of your obstacles and Sanskrit chanting adds an ancient healing element to the practice. During your Yoga session, I will help you transform misqualified  energies that often hide in your organs and, typically, inside the womb or pelvic region.   This is one of our main portals of manifestation and, therefore, it must be mindfully cared for and maintained. The entire arrangement works in sync with your personal fitness level and will yield measurable results in just a few classes.

During your private Yoga session, I will also help you discover your "dosha" (imbalance).  Knowing this gives your greater self-awareness and brings you into a state of mindful living to enhance personal fulfillment.  This private session is operated in an organic manner with intuition used as a guide. Parts of your body that require the most attention will be spoken to.  Some elements of Chinese medical massage may be added if needed.  There is some physical adjustments and assistance during this intimate session.  This is your time to heal while you play.

With this treatment, you can expect to feel increased flexibility, mental clarity, physical strength, balance and also motivated!

Custom Packages are available for Couples.

Private Therapeutic Sessions are $65/60mins

Preferred Date and Time






Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

The cards are wonderful affirmations, offering both clarity and guidance. Various methods of divination are used by the elites of this world and it is about time that more people embraced the various expressions of the source. In an intuitive card consultation, we will focus on identifying energy blocks or concerns in the areas of career, love, family, finance and more.

Additionally, more fulfilling career choices for your next move in life can be suggested through guidance by the cards. This session is incredibly flexible as it can be conducted in person, telephone, Skype or email. Insights based on ancient teachings also come through at no additional cost. This treatment focuses on both self-awareness and empowerment as the ultimate goals. With Oracle Card and Intuitive Tarot Reading, you can forget about guessing and regretting and start making informed decisions to get more joy and fulfillment from now on.

Oracle Consultation  $70 for a 60-minute session.

Preferred Date and Time

Spiritual Consultation

Completely customized so you can have it your way.

This consultation can be whatever you need, it can be conversation about thoughts that you feel you have exhausted and are looking for another perspective.  A particular life event that you need help understanding or releasing.

The session can also be  used as a private lesson by skype, email, or phone call on cleansing, clearing or enhancing particular energies. If necessary you can receive adequate information to feel confident in using spiritual tools such as oils, cleansing baths, affirmation candles, dream aids and manifestation moon knowledge, and will learn some do's and don'ts, mindfulness techniques and also much more. No two consultations are the same as they are customized to your individual desires and needs.  The solutions come from divination techniques, sometimes are intuited and also come from a (Chinese Medicinal Theory, Ayurvedic based Yoga and Traditional Earth Healing.)  With this knowledge you are empowered to apply it multiple types to various situations that match. You may receive MAGNIFIED HEALING AND/OR REIKI with this session if needed.  This session allows you the opportunity to ask specific questions and get answers that provide inspiration and the confidence needed for you to attain and maintain success in your goals for the good of all involved.

Spiritual Consultation $145 for a 60-minute session with 30 min follow up session.  Any overage is priced at 1$ per minute.

Preferred Date and Time

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